The Political Science faculty is committed to both research and teaching. In terms of research, faculty members give papers at scholarly conferences all over the world and write books and publish articles in the best journals in the profession. At the same time, faculty members are dedicated teachers. The full time faculty and adjunct professors teach all the courses offered in the department.



Brian Grodsky, Ph.D.f_grodsky
Professor and Chair
Office: PUP 311     Phone: 410-455-8047     Email: bgrodsky@umbc.edu
Personal website: Brian Grodsky





Ian Anson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office:PUP 305     Phone: 410-455-2142     Email: iganson@umbc.edu
Personal website: Ian Anson










Laura Antkowiak,  Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Sondheim Public Affairs, Scholars Program 
Office: PUP 319Phone: 410-455-6560     Email:  lantkowiak@umbc.edu









William Blake, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Associate ChairBlake.William2015 4Office: PUP 312     Phone: 410-455-8132     Email: wblake@umbc.edu
Personal website: William Blake








Sunil Dasgupta, Ph.D.Program Director at Shady Grove 
Email: sunildasgupta@umbc.edu







Jeffrey Davis, J.D., Ph.D.
Office: PUP 316     Phone: 410-455-2181     Email: davisj@umbc.edu
Personal website: Jeffrey Davis






Felipe Filomeno, Ph.D.filomeno
Associate Professor    
Office: PUP 320     Phone: 410-455-8475     Email: filomeno@umbc.edu






Carolyn Forestiere, Ph.D. 
Office: PUP 306     Phone: 410-455-8160     Email: forestie@umbc.edu





Devin T. Hagerty, Ph.D.
Office: PUP 317     Phone: 410-455-2185     Email: dhagerty@umbc.edu





Cynthia Hody, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Office: PUP 313     Phone:  410-455-2193     Email: hody@umbc.edu






Thomas F. Schaller, Ph.D.
Office: PUP 314     Phone: 410-455-2845     Email: schaller@umbc.edu






Brigid Starkey, Ph.D.f_starkey
Principal Lecturer and Director, Global Studies
Office: Fine Arts Rm. 551     Phone: 410-455-2182     Email: bstarkey@umbc.edu







Eric Stokan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
Office: PUP 309   Phone: 410-455-1595    Email: estokan@umbc.edu
Additional website: Eric Stokan







.Lisa Vetter, Ph.Df_vetter
Associate Professor
Office: PUP 307     Phone: 410-455-8477     Email: lvetter@umbc.edu








Adjunct Faculty, 2023/2024

Sam Abed                            Email: sam.abed@maryland.gov

Jay Borst                             Email: borstbm@umbc.edu

Ben Garmoe (also Head Coach, Mock Trial)    Email: ben.garmoe@gmail.com

Martin Kobren                      Email: mkobren@umbc.edu

Laszlo Korossy                    Email: korossy1@umbc.edu

Elli Lieberman                     Email: ellil1@umbc.edu

Meghan Lynch                    Email: mlyn1@umbc.edu

Peggy McWeeney              Email: pegs.mcweeney@gmail.com

Kerwin Miller                      Email: kxmiller@umbc.edu

Kevin Nelson                      Email: kenelson@umbc.edu

Betsy Tolentino                  Email: betsytolentino@gmail.com



Emeritus Faculty

George R. LaNoue, Ph.D.f_lanoue
Professor Emeritus  
Office: PUP 413     Phone: 410-455-2180     Email: glanoue@umbc.edu





Cheryl M. Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus










Nicholas R. Miller, Ph.D.f_nmiller
Professor Emeritus
Office: PUP 321     Phone: 410-455-2187    Email: nmiller@umbc.edu


 Additional website: Nicholas R. Miller






Arthur T. Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor and UMBC Provost Emeritusf_johnsonOffice: PUP 311     Phone: 410-455-2195     Email: ajohnson@umbc.edu









Roy Meyers, Ph.D. f_meyers
Professor Emeritus
Office: PUP 318     Phone: 410-455-2196     Email: meyers@umbc.edu
Personal website: Roy Meyers




Harold Levy, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Office: PUP 359     Phone: 410-455-2191     Email: hlevy@umbc.edu