List of subfields covered by Political Science Faculty at UMBC

Main subfields in Political Science covered by full time tenured and tenure track faculty

American Politics: Ian Anson, Thomas Schaller

Law and Politics: William Blake, Jeffrey Davis

Public Policy/Administration: Laura Antkowiak, Roy Meyers, Eric Stokan

Theory/Political Philosophy: Lisa Vetter

Comparative Politics: Felipe Filomeno, Carolyn Forestiere, Brian Grodsky

International Relations: Sunil Dasgupta (Shady Grove Campus), Devin Hagerty, Cindy Hody, Brigid Starkey



Also, please note that our course selections usually follow a pattern.

Lower level courses begin with a 1 or 2

Upper level courses begin with a 3 or 4

IMPORTANT: the middle number of the course gives you an idea of what subfield the course is in.

0 – Mixed

1 – Theory/Political Philosophy

2 – American Politics

3 – Legal/Law and Politics

4 – American Politics

5 – Public Policy/Administration

6 – Comparative Politics

7 – Area Studies

8 – International Relations

9 – Foreign Policy