Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program

The Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program serves students with diverse interests in public service and public affairs. Students participating in this program have interned for local and state legislators, members of Congress, political parties, interest groups, and campaigns. The program has also assisted students with internship placements at local, state, and federal government agencies and with nonprofit organizations.

This internship program gives students an opportunity to observe and participate in political processes, policymaking, and/or the management of organizations providing public services. Interns also practice important professional skills. While duties vary by position, they often include legislative and policy research, database management, and communication with constituents or other stakeholders.

Students in this program are not necessarily “placed” into an internship, but they do receive individual assistance with identifying specific opportunities that can include, when appropriate, direct contacts made on the student’s behalf to potential internship sites.

Students in the Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program are expected to commit at least 160 total semester hours to their internship and enroll in POLI 448 and the UMBC Career Center’s Intern Success Practicum. Depending on the total number of hours committed to the internship, students may be able to earn additional academic credit beyond POLI 448.

Juniors and seniors with GPAs of 3.0 and above are eligible to apply for the Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program. The application should be emailed to that program’s coordinator, Professor Meghan Lynch, at mlyn1@umbc.edu .

The application consists of:

  1. A one-page cover letter. This letter should explain your interest in the internship program, describe the type of internship you hope to obtain and highlight skills, qualities, or experiences that you would bring to your internship site.
  2. Your resume.
  3. The most current copy of your unofficial transcript. New transfer students will need to submit a validated copy of their transcript from their former institution.
  4. At least two recommendations from faculty. Recommendations need only to be brief, informal emails and should be sent from faculty to Professor Lynch
  5. A personal interview, to be arranged after the rest of the application is received.

Applications for the Spring 2024 Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program are due by November 25th, 2023.