Honors Program and Research

Several students have completed undergraduate research projects within political science. For more information about undergraduate research opportunities, consult the Office of Undergraduate Education and political science faculty (especially Dr. Cindy Hody, Undergraduate Program Director in Political Science for information about the Department’s Honors Program and Dr. Carolyn Forestiere for information about research in general). A few political science undergraduate researchers are featured below:


Stefanie Mavronis, Political Science and MCS (Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Loviglio)

Indigenous Media in Bolivia: Audiovisual Democracy in a Globalized World


Irungu, Betty

Betty Irungu, Political Science
(Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tyson King-Meadows)

Ethnic Identity and Election Violence


David K. Pourshoushtari, Political Science
(Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tyson King-Meadows)

Justice Sotomayor and the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court



Achsah Joseph, Interdisciplinary Studies
(Faculty Mentor: Dr. Devin Hagerty)

The Effectiveness of Aid Organization in Northern Uganda