Maryland General Assembly (MGA) Internship Program


Maryland’s state legislature, the Maryland General Assembly (MGA), matches students to internships with state senators, delegates, committees, and caucuses during its annual January-April session. This popular program engages interns in substantive legislative work and has helped many recent UMBC graduates who participated in it gain their first jobs. It also pays a modest stipend. In 2024, the total amount per session depends upon the weekly hours an intern serves.

2 days (15-18 hours) weekly = $3,120 session

3 days (19-26 hours) weekly = $4,680 session

4 days (27-33 hours) weekly = $6,240 per session

5 days (34-40 hours) weekly = $7,800 per session

The MGA requires that prospective interns be sponsored by a professor who provides academic credit for the experience. Interns must be at least 18 years old and have GPAs of at least 3.0. Students with lower GPAs may be considered if recommended by the sponsoring professor.

Professor Meghan Lynch sponsors UMBC students from any major for this experience and offers academic credit through POLI 448 (4 credits). Depending on the hours interned, students may be eligible for additional credit. Students seeking this sponsorship should email Professor Meghan Lynch at to request the application.

For 2024 internships, the application deadline is October 24, 2023. The application process requires an informal interview and two recommendations from faculty. Recommendations need only to be brief, informal emails and should be sent from faculty to Professor Lynch.