B.A. in Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers many options for students interested in the study of political science as well as programs that prepare students for rewarding jobs in government, public service, law, and other careers.

To graduate with a major in political science, students must complete a minimum of 36 credits in POLI courses with a grade of “C” or better. These 36 credits must include a minimum of five three-credit lower level (100 and 200 level) courses and 21 credits of upper level (300 and 400 level) courses. Students have an option of completing the major with either a single subfield concentration or a dual subfield concentration.

The detailed requirements for a Political Science major list of all Political Science courses are provided in the Political Science Student Handbook available in the department and from UMBC’s Undergraduate Catalog. To graduate with a major in Political Science (Major program requirements worksheet), a student must complete a minimum of 36 credits in Political Science with a grade of a “C” or better. At the lower level (100- and 200-level courses), students must complete a minimum of five three-credit courses. At the upper level (300- and 400-level courses), students are required to take a minimum of 21 credits, with at least two courses being 400-level courses. All students must complete the following course:

  • POLI 100: American Government and Politics (3) Prerequisite: NONE

All students must complete one of the following two courses:

  • POLI 300: Quantitative Analysis in Political Science (3) Prerequisite: NONE
    • ¬†Designed to provide majors the tools necessary for the examination of quantitative data.
  • POLI 301: Research Methods in Political Science (3) Prerequisite: NONE
    • Designed to teach majors how to conduct research in Political Science.

Majors are encouraged to take POLI 300 or POLI 301 in their sophomore or junior years. It is not recommended to wait until the senior year to complete their requirement.

In addition to setting the preceding formal requirements, the Political Science faculty makes the following recommendations to its majors:

Majors are strongly urged to take one or more courses in English composition beyond ENGL 100.

Majors are urged to take additional courses in mathematics, computer science, principles of economics, American history, Philosophy and other social sciences as well as to pursue languages beyond the minimum required by the University.

Students planning to enter graduate study in Political Science or related fields are strongly urged to take POLI 301 and either POLI 300 or POLI 302 and/or a statistics course (STAT 121 or 351) in addition.

Click here to view the major program requirements worksheet. And click here to preview a sampling of some regularly offered courses in the Department.