Mrs. Cor-Rae Petri

The joys of my life center on our family and grandkids, traveling, and paper crafting with a bit of quilting now and then.

Q: What aspects of your work at UMBC do you most enjoy?

I love the helpful, positive working environment at UMBC. Each day brings new learning experiences.

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish you could give to every student at UMBC?

My advice to any student would be cherish the friendships that are made during your time at college and then stay in touch with them. There’s nothing like reliving a beautiful memory with a friend.

Q: Do you have any particularly fond memories of things you’ve experienced at UMBC?

I moved to Baltimore after graduating from a Midwestern college at a time when the UMBC campus looked like a community college and look at us now. It has been an amazing transition to watch.