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UMBC Political Science Professors in the News

November 2020: Please see here for Roy Meyer’s most recent op-ed about budgeting in Maryland.

November 2020: Check out Brian Grodsky’s article about the effects a recently Russian brokered cease-fire will have on the breakaway territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.









October 2020: William Blake is quoted in Newsweek about the Electoral College

October 2020: Check out a New York Times op-ed that mentions a 2018 quote by Tom Schaller.

October 2020: Jeffrey Davis has published an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun about Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Also, see here for Prof. Davis’s quote in the LA Times concerning the 2020 election results.

September/October 2020: Please see here for Roy Meyer’s op-ed concerning Question 1 on Maryland’s ballot in the upcoming election and here for a second op-ed on how covid-19 might influence Maryland’s budget. Both appear in “Maryland Matters.” Please continue to check back on this page for additional op-eds written by our Department’s budgeting expert!

June/July 2020: Please see here for Professor Blake’s article about the Electoral College that was published in The Conversation. Also, Professor Blake was quoted in the AP about the Supreme Court’s move to online during the pandemic. Please click here to see the article.


March, 2020: Please click here to see Political Science Professor Jeffrey Davis’s recent and important article about the upcoming 2020 Presidential elections that was published in The Atlantic on March 29th.