Mrs. Emma Sellers

Q: What aspects of your work at UMBC do you most enjoy?

I am passionate to consider myself as a team player in the Department of Political Science. Mentoring and witnessing students grow from Freshman status to Seniors has been a pleasure. Without a doubt when students graduate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) with a Political Science degree many move on to graduate school and they become our powerful and effective lawyers, statesmen, etc. I as well graduated from UMBC with my Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems Development. This path has led me to success, and I’m grateful for being able to say “I’m an Alumni.” As an Alum it has been exciting to have volunteered for homecoming events, student meet and greet events, and passing out pins right before convocation to new incoming students.

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish could give to every student?

I would encourage all students to find an excellent mentor that will help them learn how to navigate the roads at UMBC. These mentors can help them create a smooth transition from high school or a community college to an Honors University (UMBC).

Q: Do you have any particularly fond memories of things you’ve experienced at UMBC?
My job is always full of surprises, from day to day. Working with 15 full time faculty, 7 adjuncts, while collaborating with administrators across campus with diverse backgrounds has helped me to grow professionally. Being involved in helping to make decisions about department matters/concerns have been enlightening. My experience volunteering as President, Vice President and now the Project Director of the Citizens of Patrol (COP) for my neighborhood community has played a huge part in helping me to excel in my management skills.

Q. Please tell us about your educational background.

I was a first generation college student. I earned my BA in English in 2003 and my MA in Instructional Systems Development in 2007, both at UMBC! I stayed the course and followed my passion and I have watched my dreams come to fruition.