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Certificate: Public Administration and Policy

Students who are interested in leadership positions in government agencies or in becoming policy analysts are strongly encouraged to pursue a certificate in public administration and policy. The program requires the completion of three core skills courses (ECON 101, STAT 121, and ENGL 391), five conceptual public administration and policy core courses (POLI 250, POLI 350,  POLI 352, POLI 353, and POLI 354), a part-time spring semester internship and its companion course (POLI 448), and one elective course, for a total of 32 credit hours. With permission from a certificate program advisor, students may substitute courses from disciplines other than political science for some of the required POLI courses. Students fulfill the internship requirement and receive placement assistance through participation in the Political Science Department’s Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program (see the description in this handbook for additional information). In most cases, admission to the internship program requires a 3.0 GPA and junior or senior standing; students not meeting these requirements should contact the Policy, Politics, and Public Administration Internship Program Coordinator prior to applying. See the Program Worksheets section at the end of this handbook for more information about certificate program requirements.


Contact: Laura Hussey or Roy Meyers